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With af dialogue of 27 questions sequenced to support the work-in-process, Scribo helps you to process initial ideas and structure the research:

  • It shows you how to formulate the backbone structure of your research paper
  • It guides you to create and/or revise a research question and put together an information and literature search strategy
  • It helps you prepare a written text for your next meeting with your supervisor or librarian.

When working on a group project, each member should use Scribo individually before the group coordinates the drafts. You can produce and export a (draft) synopsis to send to your supervisor or librarian in advance of an upcoming meeting.


Open Scribo
Choose the WAYF-login-logo and then University College Nordjylland as your institution. 
Enter your Student number and your password which is identical with your password to other UCN-resources (network, mail, Canvas).