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Ebook Central

Ebook Central


Open Ebook Central (N.B. The direct link works only on campus)

Remote access:
Open Ebook Central Remote access
Choose UCN as your institution. Enter your UCN email and your password which is identical with your password to other UCN-resources (network, mail, etc.)


Ebook Central contains approximately 150 titles, chosen by the UCN library. The dominating topics are tourism, communication and health.

Availability differs from e-book to e-book, regarding e.g. single- or multi-user access, download availability and check out period.

Additional to online access, print and file saving of parts of an e-book, is permitted.

Below you find two examples of different availability for e-books:

Ebrary e-bog - download

Save and print

Parts of an e-book can be saved as a PDF file with watermarks, to either print or save. Save and print is available without Ebook Central-login.

Online access

Read the e-book directly in a browser on computer, tablet or smartphone. Create an Ebook Central-login and add the e-book to BookShelf, which allows adding notes, bookmarks and highlights to the text. This method gives unlimited access to the e-book, unless more than one user tries to access a single copy of an e-book simultaneously.

Offline access

Download the E-book to computer, tablet or smartphone for as much as 14 days, if the particular e-book offers download. This requires an Ebook Central-login. Saving parts of an E-book as a PDF file for Kindle or other E-reader is also available.

Adobe Digital Editions is required to read an e-book on the computer. Adding bookmarks, notes and highlight to the text is available

Adobe Digital Editions is a PDF- and EPUB reader, which control time limited access. Adobe ID is also required in order to authorize the computer or Bluefire Reader.
Get Adobe Digital Edition

Tablet and smartphone
Bluefire Reader is Ebook Central’s preferred e-reader app. Adobe ID is required.
Create Adobe ID

Transfer the e-book directly from a browser on tablet or smartphone to Bluefire Reader, or save the e-book file to e.g. Dropbox in order to open in Bluefire Reader.
Adding bookmarks, notes and highlight to the text is available in Bluefire Reader.


The entire E-book is not available for any e-reader. Parts of an e-book can be saved as a PDF file, which can be saved to an e-reader.

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