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The Harvard style of referencing origins from Harvard Medical School. Through the years, other institutions have modified and used the style and today it exists in various forms. UCN library has made guides with either Danish or English examples containing the most frequently used publication types. For more information about Harvard, please look at the suggested links from other institutions.



Author-date method.


In-text citation:
(Hammer et al. 2016)

Hammer, A., Petersen, L.K., Rolving, N., Boxill, M.F., Kallesøe, K.H., Becker, S., Fredberg, U., Sørensen, V.N., Rask, C.U., Fink, P.K. & Blaakær, J., 2016. Bivirkninger, som formodes at skyldes HPV-vaccination i Danmark. Ugeskrift for læger. 178(13), pp. 1239-1243.

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