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Music and radio

KODA and the other University Colleges have signed a framework agreement on the use of music.

The agreement permits the use of music for the following purposes:

  • Background music in canteens, corridors, classrooms, cafés, etc. (radio, TV, CD, etc.)
  • Parties with disco and/or live music, concerts, etc., student concerts, etc.
  • Film screenings

The agreement does not include:

  • Musical dramatic works (operas, plays, musicals, ballets and the like)
  • Arrangements organized by or in collaboration with third parties (associations, institutions, etc.)
  • The right to record works
  • Music on websites or sampling or copying of music

Please note that you are not allowed to play music publicly from iTunes, Spotify, and similar streaming services. Get more information on copyright and music on the Ministry of Culture's website.

Sheets of music

UCN has entered into an agreement with Copydan on the use of printed texts, books, and sheets of music in a teaching context where you share copies with others from UCN.

You may only share digital copies on UCN's password-protected platforms (eg Canvas). You may never email or share the content outside UCN's closed platforms (eg on Facebook). The agreement allows you to copy and share 20% - up to a maximum of 30 pages per publication per term. However, you may copy a printed material, such as a notebook, in its entirety, if it’s for your personal use only.


UCN has entered into an agreement with Copydan AVU media on the use of radio broadcasts for study and teaching purposes.

You may:

  • Link to the broadcast on the radio channel's website
  • Play radio broadcasts in the classroom
  • Make a copy by recording directly from the radio, but you may not change the recordings / digital copy
  • Share footage on an internal password-protected network (eg Teams)
  • Share physical copies of a recording