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Pictures and graphics

UCN has entered into an agreement with Copydan, VISDA (Visual Rights Denmark), which allows students and staff to share photos (photos, screenshots, illustrations, paintings, etc.) within the institution.

You may:

  • Include images in, assignments, presentations and project work, provided that they are not published.
  • Make copies of images from books, posters, postcards, magazines, etc.
  • Make digital copies of images from openly accessible websites and transfer them to other types of media, such as Power Point.
  • Share photos with other UCN students and staff members via e-mail, on Teams and UCN's other password-protected platforms

You should be aware that:

  • That you should make sure that you have the copyright for all images, graphs and other material in the project when uploading to UC Knowledge. If in doubt, make your project 'internally accessible'.
  • You may not make the images available on the Internet, or the UCN website.
  • You may not use the images outside the institution or exchange them with anyone other than the institution's teachers and students.
  • Images may not be changed to any greater extent and they may not be reproduced in a way or in a context that is offensive to the artist or the work as a whole
  • There are no restrictions on how many images you can use, but you should always remember to specify the source: The artist / photographer's name must be written under or near the image

Creative Commons

Permission from the author is required when you want to share or view his/her images outside of UCN. But with a Creative Commons license, the author - under the conditions stated under the license - has in advance waived the rights to his work.

There are various Creative Commons licenses where the author can, for example, allow the work to be edited, copied, redistributed, etc.

When using a Creative Commons licensed material, as with all other materials, you must credit the author and always remember source citation.

You can search for images with a Creative Commons license on, for example, Pixabay and Flickr: http://search.creativecommons.org

You can read more about Creative Commons licenses here: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/