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Remote access - how to?

Going abroad or studying online? Below you’ll find some useful information on what the UCN Library offers online students, students going abroad for internships etc.

How to access your UCN Library account and renew your loans

All students become registered as borrowers at UCN Library. Your login information is your Danish civil registration number (”yellow card number”) and a 4 digit PIN code. If you have any questions about your login information, please contact the library.

Remote access to e-resources

As a UCN student you have access to a wide range of electronic resources, which you can access from anywhere. For example online articles and e-books.
You will also find helpful resources when preparing for a stay abroad. For example databases with information on different countries or global company information databases which can be used when searching for potential internships.  

Access via Nomad

NOMAD recognizes journal articles in your browser. When activating NOMAD, simply register your UCN affiliation and going forward you will now see an icon in the bottom corner giving you PDF access if UCN library has the journal subscription.
Click here if you want to know more about Nomad

Remote access via WAYF

WAYF (Where Are You From) is the link between your UCN login and the library e-resources, which would otherwise only be accessible from the UCN network. Click here - to read more about WAYF.

Remote access via VPN

UCN students can connect to UCN's network using a VPN connection. Using this connection you have full access to UCN Library e-resources off-campus.
User guide from UCN Service Centre on how to install a VPN client on your computer or Mac: Find relevant guides here
If you have any questions or problems installing the VPN connection, please contact the Service Centre Helpdesk


If you have problems gaining access to the e-resources, e-books and online articles we recommend you to contact your main library at UCN.
Find your main library here.


How to access online resources?
Your professionAt your profession you will find e-resources accessible when not at Campus.
You will also find links to the Library's help and guidance covering your profession at "My UCN".
EbooksUCN Library has 150.000 e-books covering all academic areas. 
ArtiklerSearch international multidisciplinary articles at ucnbib.
Google Scholar gives access to academic articles.
A quick addition in the Google Scholar settings and Google Scholar
will instantly let you know, if UCN Library can provide access to any article.