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Search tips


Truncation is a method of broadening a search by retrieving all words with the same stem but with variant endings. To search, use the stem of the word followed by the truncation symbol * (asterisk). 
For example: Manag* would retrieve: Manage, manager, managers, managing, management, ect.

Limiting your result

Search limiters (sometimes called Filters) are ways to focus your search results so that you don't have to look through lots of irrelevant items to find what you're looking for. For example, if you only want English-language sources, you can use a search limiter to eliminate all other languages. Other search limiters are format, year of publication and data source.

Sorting your search result

After having completed your search, the easiest & quickest way to sort your results is by using the sort menu (sort by) that appears on the search results page. It offers several options:

  • Ranking (default order)
  • Title (ascending)
  • Title (descending)
  • Creator (ascending)
  • Creator (descending)
  • Date (ascending)
  • Date (descending)
Additional help

If you need further assistance, you are welcome to contact the library staff.