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UCN and Copydan Tekst & Node have signed an agreement, which allows students and staff to use and copy texts for study and teaching purposes.

How much?

You may copy as much as you like - but ONLY for your own personal use!


According to UCN's agreement with Copydan Tekst & Node, you as a student or employee of UCN may:
  • ​Copy up to 20%, but never more than 30 pages (including images with accompanying text) from a material. For printed journal articles, you may copy up to 20% of the year's total page number, however, a maximum of 30 pages.
  • Show up to 20% (including images with accompanying text), but never more than 30 pages on PowerPoint, Smart Board or similar digital presentation tools
  • Copy 4 pages or below, regardless of the length of the material.


Other agreements:

Databases such as Infomedia and Ebsco Ebooks may have more restrictions than those mentioned in the agreement with Copydan Tekst & Node. Feel free to send an email to adm@ucn.dk if you have any doubts about the rules.

What is copying?


  • From paper to paper

Scan and print:

  • From paper to digital file
  • From the Internet and other digital media to print on paper

Digital Copy:

  • From one digital format to another digital format. This includes copy/paste, download or other forms of digital copying from digital media and files, such as websites, ebooks, and PDFs


You should be aware that:
  • You may only share digital copies on UCN's password-protected platforms (e.g. Teams). Digital copies may not be shared via email, SMS, Dropbox, iCloud, Facebook or similar.
  • Newspaper articles may only be photocopied and printed and not copied digitally.
  • Digital copying of licensed digital releases may only be done in accordance with the license. This means that electronic articles from payment databases and eBooks may be subject to licensing conditions that determine what you can do with the material - e.g. if you can upload the digital text on Canvas.
  • When you share a text, the file format must be "locked", for example in PDF format so that no changes can be made to the copied text.
  • You should always remember to source citation on copies (author, title, publisher, year of publication)
  • The copied material may not be used in a commercial context.
  • The copied material may not be used in any form of insulting, condescending or otherwise infringing context.
  • If you want to copy more than the license allows, you must have author and publisher consent.