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The Internet

Material posted on the Internet is, like all other materials, covered by copyright law.

Digital materials, such as text on external websites, must therefore, be interpreted in the same way as other types of works.

You may:

  • ​Copy/paste, print, download and digitally copy from legitimate websites, and as a part of UCN's agreement with Copydan, you may share content with other UCN students and staff members via e-mail, on Canvas and UCN's other password-protected platforms
  • Link to material on the internet as long as the material is published legally, and you do not bypass payment walls for licensed material.

Creative Commons

Permission from the author is required when you want to share or view his/her images outside of UCN. But with a Creative Commons license, the author - under the conditions stated under the license - has in advance waived the rights to his work.

There are various Creative Commons licenses where the author can, for example, allow the work to be edited, copied, redistributed, etc.

When using a Creative Commons licensed material, as with all other materials, you must credit the author and always remember source citation.

You can search for images with a Creative Commons license on, for example, Pixabay and Flickr: http://search.creativecommons.org

You can read more about Creative Commons licenses here: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/