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What is copyright?

All works, i.e. books, magazines, pictures, films, etc., are protected by copyright law. Copyright affects how you may use the works of others and what others may use your works for. Therefore, be careful when using, copying, or sharing other people's work. As a starting point, you should always ask the author about the law before, for example, producing copies of his work or sharing it on the internet, etc.

Copyright is a complicated set of rules that can be difficult to navigate around. If you are not careful, you can easily do something wrong. You must pay particular attention to the context in which you use the material. Is it for private use only, or is it material that you have to share with others, such as your fellow students? As soon as you share copies of materials with others, it is subject to several restrictions. Read more about these in the various sections of this guide.

Do you always have to ask for permission before using a work?

No, there are several situations where it is permissible to use and share copyrighted material without asking first. UCN has entered into agreements with Copydan, which gives students and staff greater leeway in the context of teaching when it comes to the use of copyrighted material. Copydan manages rights for e.g. authors, artists, film producers, and publishers. On this page, you will find the various agreements that UCN has entered into and an explanation of what these agreements mean to you.

ALWAYS remember source citation when quoting, referencing, copying, or sharing work. In this way, you credit the author, and at the same time, it is easier for you and your fellow students to refer to the work in later assignments and the like.

Why do you need to know about copyright?

Copyright ensures that artists, authors, etc. get an income base, which means that they can continue to create new textbooks, art, etc.

If you infringe copyright, the author may claim compensation and you may be fined.

The responsibility is yours

When you use texts, images, films, or other media forms in connection with your education at UCN, it is your responsibility to follow the legislation and the rules that are laid down via the agreements with e.g. Copydan. If in doubt, feel free to contact the UCN Library, who will be happy to help.